The week that was with the Wonderdog

A busy week has been had by the wonderdog. Up early every morning to undertake garden improvements, followed quickly by his interior design efforts and always looking out for his continuous improvements in the fitness arena, and to top of a hectic week he started his own face book page. Peer pressure is what it is all about. His mate Odin starred on a German Shepherd page on face book, no pages for the elite mixed breed of the wonderdog, so he started his own with encouragement from a relative of the two-legged species.

The landscaping improvements have been taken to a new level. No longer is the wonderdog aiming for China, with his excavator of gigantic proportions (Odin, German Shepherd and wonderdog sidekick with huge paws), the wonderdog is setting his sights on the North Pole and giving Santa a bit of a head start for the down under deliveries in December. So far we have had archaeological finds of terracotta (maybe Italy), leather (maybe from the wild west or could have been a gardening glove once upon a time), what appears to be part of a tennis ball (could be from his passing by of Wimbledon in his travels), and some fur from animals unknown but could it be a polar bear, maybe he has reached the North Pole but manages to get home in time for dinner (or could be the fur of one of the many deconstructed toys but let’s go with the North Pole idea, makes the wonderdog sound like a bit of an adventurer and not just a naughty Griffin 🙂 )

With all his activity the wonderdog has managed to fit in some interior design. RUGS are out, we are a bit slow on the uptake but after the deconstruction of two rugs by the wonderdog we finally understand that they are not a necessary floor accessory and that in the wonderdogs vision with the interior design,no floor coverings required, makes it more fun to slip and slide around the house.

A busy week and throw in the mix the fitness regime the wonderdog is now on. 5 kilometer walk every afternoon now the weather is cooler. And what does this achieve? A wonderdog who sleeps through the night from about 8pm to 7am and the same for his sidekick Odin. No more playtime’s in the middle of the night, too tired to bark at the reactive dog next door, just sleeping the night away 🙂

Camera hog yep camera hog DSCN0537

The wonderdog has also tried to stop the press from hounding him, seems where ever he goes the camera is always is his face, the paparazzi never too far, so he has started to eat the cameras.  Thankfully the paparazzi backed off and the camera was saved for another day of following the wonderdog 🙂


What is in a bark?

Not much if you are the wonderdog! One little woof is all it takes to get the mate and best friend Odin the German Shepherd, up, barking and protecting the world from untold terrors. He may not see or hear the untold terrors but the wonderdog has set him on the trail. Therefore Odin must bark whilst the wonderdog kicks back and watches the show 🙂

Lead light front/side door, entrance to the house, something I always thought was a great idea. Lets in light to a dark area and now I find out so much better than a peep-hole as the wonderdog sits and watches the people pass and barks once, Odin responds like a commando, on a mission to protect the property. And just to be sure the untold terrors leave a big lap of the house and yard, barking all the way 🙂

So pleased now that the neighbor has a small yappy dog, might set off Odin and the wonderdog but always looking for a positive, they cannot complain about the noise omitting from my yard.

Yes, yard, I no longer have a garden, I have a yard with the designated digging pit being anywhere they choose the minute you are not watching, designated pooping area would be in the actual ‘garden area’, probably as the small side garden and lawn area are where they prefer to dig. Cannot have them pooping where they dig 🙂

The new rock garden (had to fill in the craters somehow) is doing very nicely and seems to be propagating itself.Must be as quite a few rocks are appearing outside what is not eaten of the new edging and the wonderdog and his sidekick would never be naughty and dig up rocks 🙂


Puppy dog eyes

Puppy dog eyes are the trump card in all things wonderdog. He digs up the yard, puppy dog eyes, he rips up the rug (again), puppy dog eyes, he sleeps on the lounge, puppy dog eyes, you eat your lunch, puppy dog eyes (especially with cheese or yogurt involved) you eat ice cream, a 35kg puppy tries to be on your lap whilst giving you puppy dog eyes. And with eyes like the wonderdogs the puppy dog eyes win.
But this week on one occasion they did not win. Really have to love night-time when you cannot see those soulful eyes just looking at you, telling you the story of his sad life (saddest part of this boys life is when he gets left home while we go out to earn the money to keep him in the style he has become accustomed too 🙂 )

The wonderdog has taken to sneaking out of his bed at around four in the morning, and kicking back very comfortably on the cream three seater lounge. When confronted with his naughty ways (first mistake putting light on) you are greeted with a huge yawn and soulful puppy dog eyes that melt your heart, and with a little pat he is off the lounge and on his way back to bed. This game will continue till the alarm goes off, and off I go to work while the dear wonderdog catches up on his missed sleep.

Enter the tougher me, who does not fall for puppy dog eyes (OK, I did not put the light on). Wednesday morning, 4am off he goes again, straight to his favorite lounge and reclined comfortably for the games to begin.

Up I get and navigated to the wonderdog in the semi darkness,without even stubbing a toe (go me). got him off the lounge and sent him to his crate. Wonderdog thought this was part of the game, and headed towards his crate and then tried to detour (mixing up the game, bit of follow the leader) but the new tough me was having none of it. I steered the wonderdog to his crate and got him in it, shut the door, and went back to bed.

I left the wonderdog in his crate until a suitable hour then opened the door. I did not get puppy dog eyes, I got the look that says we are no longer friends. The wonderdog stayed in his crate and ignored me.

He finally dragged his disgruntled self out of his crate when he heard his master and best friend stir. I was talking to his master and the wonderdog was sitting with the master and best friend and turning his head away, making sure I knew he was not happy with me or the despicable way I had treated him. The wonderdog ignored me for the rest of the morning. And his mate Odin was not happy with me either for locking up his mate.

Thursday night arrives and the wonderdog and I are friends again. He can be so cheap, pigs ear to chew and he forgives the evil done to him. And the wonderdog slept all night in his bed, no 4am wanders, and Friday night and the wonderdog did not wander. Maybe I won that round 🙂

And he is back but not on track :)

It has been a while since I found the time to post on the wonderdog and his antics. Busy re-doing the back yard (I now know the difference between a garden and a yard, before Griffin was a garden after griffin is a yard 🙂 ), trying to cope with an evicted from daycare Griffin and the look of disgust when he does not get in the car to go out with me a few days a week (I now understand why some people pop their pooches in the car and take if for a quick drive), the settling in of the most adorable Odin, protector of the wonderdog, and finally in his forever home :). Life had been hectic but who would have it any other way 🙂

What has the wonderdog been up too, in a nutshell:

  • Trashed a $300 rug (when it was less the 48 hours old)
  • Ate most of the 6 bob cat scoops of mulch (was surprised he was not pooping splinters)
  • Shredded a dog bed so well it looked like it had snowed in the craft room (he was aided in this endevour by his now ever-present sidekick Odin)
  • DSC03342Landscaper extraordinaire (occasionally rented out as an excavator)
  •  No need for an in ground sprinkler system in the back yard, totally overrated idea, so Griffin fixed that little problem 🙂 (the picture of the wonderdog eating the in ground sprinkler system (yes he is cheeky enough to bring it inside and eat it) he is on the new rug that 12 hours later he decided need to have the edges and some of the pile removed).DSC03336
  • Advanced interior design skills, usually involving lots of little bits and pieces (of toys, of carpets and rugs,of ornaments, of plants, you know just the usual bit and pieces that accumulate with a puppy in the house :)) to places where it is guaranteed to step on when bare foot 🙂
  • Sits on the lounge chair, gives a little tiny woof, gets Odin barking loudly to protect his Griffin, meanwhile Griffin remains casually kicking back on the lounge chair checking out what is happening through the window.
  • flying kangaroo ninja kicker is how I can describe his attempt to do anything except what he was asked to do at training (class clown he is and an overachiever at it)

So as an update on griffinthewonderdog, Landscape designer (reasonable rates if you are game to  rent him out), our back yard only has half the grass it used to (BG before Griffin), with all the craters and the lack of rain in our part of Oz in the summer (oh and lack of sprinkler system), the wonderdog was winning the crater creation. From an OHS point of view, the likelihood of broken legs from the canine or human world were becoming a distinct possibility. Brainstorming undertaken – answer to problem simple, put in a rock garden to meander through where once was lawn.

YES yell we, beating the wonderdog at his own game 🙂 Yeah us, big pats on back, we win, we have a sortof decent yard with no craters, no dust and plants that have survived the onslaught of the wonderdog. The ring barked trees seem to be surviving. Sighs of satisfaction and off inside.

A new day dawns and we had underestimated the drive of the wonderdog!! As he lay in amongst the displaced rocks, casually eating the edging that held the rocks in place, with a nice excavated hole where only twelve hours ago was weed mat and rocks large and small,  we turned around, walked back inside and made a strong coffee.

The wonderdog continues to ravage the yard, redisign the interior of the house, excel at class clown in training and make life very entertaining. But here he is tired out from a hard day of work 🙂


The wonderdog is GOOD, Santa paid him a visit :)


The wonderdog does come under Santa’s definition of good 🙂 Santa visited the wonderdog and gave him all that he wanted and more.

The wonderdog hung his stocking and when he woke up it was filled with all things puppy, like fluffy squeaky toys, rope toys, rubber squeaky toys, tennis balls and squeaky balls, all the wonderful toys that a puppy would like. But the best present of all was knowing that Odin was now his official, never to leave him, always be around adopted kin. Christmas Day 2012 was and is the day that Odin was officially adopted, his play date and sleepover are now a permanent family.


For all of you out there wondering as long as you are good (at something whether it be behaving or good at destruction) Santa does visit, guess Santa appreciated the wonderdogs goodness at destruction and the wonderdog continued on his path on Christmas day. The wonderdog ate gift boxes and attempted to eat the bling inside, he ate a plant that was a gift on Christmas eve so we rushed out and bought another one and hid it in a cardboard box to save it from the wonderdog. He is like a bower bird, collects anything unattended.

Merry Christmas from the wonderdog and his most gorgeous adopted kin, Odin 🙂

PS. Today we are going to the pound to donate treats to all the beautiful animals left behind by humans with no understanding of life long commitment for the beautiful furry companions.

Until there are none, rescue one 🙂

Outdoor water features or are they really dog play areas.


Once upon a time long long ago I had a garden that was well-kept and well mulched and was a delight to behold.

In this garden I have a half wine barrel water feature with various types of water plants and succulents growing in and around this said water feature.

Griffin the wonderdog had taken to drinking out of this feature but due to his hatred of water I thought of it as my one sacred place for my plants to thrive. Well talk about a false sense of security, Enter Odin, fur-ever friend of the wonderdog, protector of the wonderdog and apparent lover of water and the one to desecrate the water features.

Now many would say with the wonderdog being so good at being naughty, it must have been him, but the dear wonderdog was bone dry not a drop of water to be seen and Odin came running in the house, slip sliding away from very wet paws, had a very wet snout and his chest was just a lot damp!

Griffin monster

Off I go to investigate the damage and dear Odin had dragged all my plants out of the water feature and shared them with the Griffin monster and the pair of them had decided to propagate them into thousands of little plants. So now I have two landscape designers and water feature fixeruperers in my life 🙂

Always looking for the bright side. I had not put the turtles outside for a swim,they were safely inside in their tank 🙂

PS Odin is also a rescue dog just a bit older than the wonderdog, until there are none – rescue one 🙂 or maybe two if you have the room 🙂

Dear Santa, do you take addendum’s to pleadings of good :)

The GOOD wonderdog :) Dear Santa,
Do you take addendum’s to pleadings of Good??? There are some things I forgot to mention in my previous letter of yesterday that might influence your decision-making on the definition of good and how you would apply this definition to the wonderdog 🙂
Anyway here goes just in-case I need to plead the wonderdogs case just a little bit more on how good he is and can be 🙂

The wonderdog has discovered the art of dancing on the tables (with no concern for the contents of said table, but the boy has the moves, on a glass table with those paws, sliding hip hop would be the style), the wonderdog enjoyed the PS3 or should that read eating the controller for the PS3, the wonderdog chewed the cord of the Toshiba tablet, chewed the cord of the track ball mouse making them totally useless but in doing this gave us more time to dedicate to the life and times of the most precious commodity in our home, Griffin the wonderdog 🙂

Other achievements of the wonderdog that are GOOD, his ability to look beaten and pathetic whenever anyone is looking, his wonderful wonderdog ways at obedience class ( they say drop the wonderdog hears nap time 🙂 ), his ability to be so good at being naughty that one Sunday, not long ago, an old biddy on a park bench, suggested that I get my son (master of wonderdog) obedience classes for Christmas instead of the photos we were having taken of the most gorgeous one 🙂

Now Santa I don’t think you could get much gooder than the wonderdog, but alas we await your definition to see if the most gorgeous Griffin the wonderdog might get a new squeaky toy in his santa stocking 🙂

Santa you know it is not going to be pretty if Odin (his new best fur-ever friend, thank you trainer extraordinaire for introducing them) gets toys and he does not, the wonderdog has sulking down to a fine art.